Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Grace Reveals: A Father who Loves us

“Now, brothers, I commend you to God and to the word of His grace, which is able to build you up and give you an inheritance among all who are sanctified. Acts 20:32 MEV

 The revealing of God's Grace to a lost and dying world is a resuscitating force of life, hope, and love. This Grace of God pledged and demonstrated in and through Jesus, who is the person of Grace, is the Good News we've all longed for. It's what we've all been searching for.

 The longer one lives, it should be evident that fulfilling fleshly desires, following philosophies, embracing various religions of man, or accepting atheism, are all futile, pointless, and profitless in the long term. Life, joy, and peace are only realized through a relationship with Jesus Christ. This is why God in His wisdom has revealed His Grace to all mankind.

 Those who've accepted Jesus also need a greater understanding of this Grace of God revealed in Christ. God keeps revealing His Grace to us as we grow in Christ. Peter even exhorted us to continue growing in Grace

 With this in mind, I want to begin a new series looking at what Grace has revealed to us in Christ. The first thing His Grace reveals is the great Love of our Father God. God our Father is a kind, compassionate and Faithful Father. His Love for us is a furious and passionate flame that will never fade or be extinguished.

 So many Christians though see God as the harsh taskmaster. They see God as the performance-driven master who places a burdensome workload on His people. He isn't a Father looking for sons and daughters, He is a tyrant looking for dutiful servants and is quick to disown, disavow, and disinherit those who don't measure up. 

 The Christian life then is one of hardships and toil and duty. It becomes a life of striving to earn our place in the master's presence and to be able to receive from Him. Our daily life is one of a checklist to perform and chores to complete. Sadly, this way of living leads to so many thinking, believing, and seeing themselves as never measuring up. 

 This isn't the life the Father intended when He sent us His Son. The Father saw us in our darkness, in our sins, in our spiritually dead, separated, state, and did something about it. He made salvation, new life, and forgiveness available to whosoever would simply respond in Faith believing, and receiving. 

 We have some amazing examples of the Father's Love in the Word. Look at Luke 15, (actually, the whole chapter is a revealing portrait of His Love and purpose realized in Christ), the parable of the prodigal son shows us a loving Father, not a harsh taskmaster. The Father didn't berate or disown his son, he waited for him and ran to him and brought restoration.

 Our Father is a Good Father. Just as in the parable of the prodigal son, our Father picks up His robe, and runs after us, He is the Father who Loves His Children. He is the Father who pursues us with His Love and mercy and goodness. He is the Father who longs for fellowship, friendship, and intimacy with His family, His children. 

 Our Father isn't making a list and checking it twice of all our failures, foul-ups, and flaws. He isn't holding our sins against us or charging or imputing them to our account. He isn't basing His Love for us on whether or not we've been naughty or nice. His Love is who He is, and why He sent Jesus for us.

 Grace reveals to us a loving Father who is for us and never against us. He isn't a tyrant or taskmaster. He isn't placing burdensome demands upon us. He isn't pointing His finger at us declaring you better straighten up or you're going to get it! His arms aren't folded in disappointment with us but rather they are open wide revealing His Love and acceptance and approval of us because of Jesus' once for all sacrifice. 

 In summation, rest in the love of a loving Savior. Grace reveals the Love of the Father for us. This is a love we don't have to strive for. It's a love we can freely receive all because of Grace. Let's freely receive His great Love today and every day. 

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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