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Secure in Grace: Does It Really Matter If You Believe In Eternal Security Or Not?

 And God has reserved for his children the priceless gift of eternal life; it is kept in heaven for you, pure and undefiled, beyond the reach of change and decay. And God, in his mighty power, will make sure that you get there safely to receive it because you are trusting him. It will be yours in that coming last day for all to see. 1 Peter 1:4-5 TLB

 As believers in Christ Jesus, we know and understand the Word of God is the source of truth. It is the final authority for doctrine and reproof, discerning what is true and what is false. Not taking away the validity or importance of what the Scripture teaches, but we can see that some truths are not debatable, and we can see others that are. 

 For example, we as Christians must believe that God exists, and that salvation is found in none other than the Lord Jesus Christ. There should be no argument or debate on these essential issues. On the other hand, Christians can debate about different methods of water baptism. We can differ on eschatological teachings, or debate whether miracles have ceased or are they for today. 

 In other words, believing or not believing in speaking with tongues for today doesn't mean you're not a born-again Christian. With this understanding, I want to answer the question does it really matter if a Christian believes in eternal security? Is believing in an unconditional eternally secure salvation a minor truth up for debate or is it, in fact, an essential truth that all Christians should embrace?

Does It Really Matter?

  I submit to you that eternal security is an essential truth that the Church must embrace. It shouldn't be a debate amongst Christians. Well brother, my denomination in its creed denies once saved always saved. This is the problem, we are identifying with a denomination instead of God's Word. Look, eternal security isn't some Southern Baptist denominational teaching. It is, in fact, the Gospel of Grace. I am going to list three reasons it is essential to believe in eternal security.

Where Is Your Assurance?

 If a Christian can lose or leave their salvation then where does your assurance come from? Is it in your ability to remain steadfast? Is it in your ability to resist sin? 

 Not believing in an eternally secure salvation leaves believers with a hope so salvation and not a know so salvation. 
13 I have written this to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, so that you may know you have eternal life. 1 John 5:13 NLT
 God's Word reveals to us we have a know so salvation. We can rest assured in Christ's Finished Work. If your salvation isn't secure then your assurance is based on the faulty and insecure foundation of performance. 

 If salvation isn't eternally secure, can you be sure you will be saved tomorrow? How about next week? Next month? Next year? What about in ten years? Who knows what the future holds, you may give up your faith, you may be overcome by that old temptation or addiction. It must be agonizing to believe that your salvation is in your hands and not God's.

Salvation is by Grace but perfected by performance?

 The second reason for believing in eternal security is if salvation isn't eternally secure then salvation is begun by Grace but completed by works. Without eternal security, we have little assurance of tomorrow. We must then strive to keep our act together. 

 Who do you want to perfect your faith? Jesus or your own abilities and performance? God's Word says Jesus is the author and perfecter of our faith.  Look at what Paul declared;
6 I pray with great faith for you, because I’m fully convinced that the One who began this glorious expression of grace in your lives will faithfully continue the process of maturing you through your union with Him and will complete it at the unveiling of our Lord Jesus Christ! Philippians 1:6 Passion Translation 
  Paul the Apostle of Grace says He who began the work will complete it. The way some seem to teach salvation it should read, He who began the work expects you to perfect it by your efforts and performance and good deeds and steadfast faithfulness. If your salvation isn't eternally secure then only your works and performance will assure you that you are saved and will remain saved. 

The wages of sin is...?

 The third reason for believing in eternal security is what is your hope for eternal life? You may be thinking what do you mean? What I mean is what is your hope for eternal life if you sin just one time after you've been born again? 

 Some would answer, "Oh, I just confess it and I receive forgiveness." 

 That sounds real spiritual but the truth is Christians are forgetting what the wages of sin actually is. The wage for sin isn't losing fellowship with God. It isn't God turning His back on you until you repent. It isn't an unanswered prayer. It isn't a loss of peace. The wages of sin is death. 
For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23 KJV

 The major implication of this truth is that when we sin the result is spiritual death. That is the only wage or consequence for sin. How many sins does it take to be lost? In truth, none because we were born in Adam, separated spiritually. But it is still a truth only one sin is enough to produce spiritual death. In fact, just one sin did accomplish this. Adam rebelled and partook of the forbidden fruit. 

 So what is the hope of eternal life when we all know we blow it, miss it, foul up or just plain sin on a regular basis? In truth, if our salvation wasn't eternally secure, then each and every time you sinned you would be lost, partaking of spiritual death and needing to be redeemed over again. You may object and say but what if I confess, won't I be forgiven?

 Listen, what would be your spiritual state from the precise moment you sinned until the exact moment you confessed the sin? You can't escape it, you can't argue or reason it away. You would be lost, partaking of spiritual death. Your only hope is in a once for all time salvation that is irrevocable and unchanging, and eternally secure. An eternally secure salvation means your right standing, your eternal life could not be jeopardized by any actions on your part. 

 So then to answer the question, does it really matter if we believe in eternal security? Is it really that important a doctrine? Is it really an essential Bible truth for Christians? Brothers and sisters, you better believe it is!

 Our assurance for our eternal destiny hinges on an eternally secure salvation. A salvation that starts with Grace matures by Grace, and is completed by Grace is only possible with an eternally secure salvation. Our hope for eternal life only rests on an eternally secure salvation. Don't allow fear, condemnation or tradition to convince you that your salvation in Christ is temporal and rooted in your works or performance or ability to remain in faith. If you are in Christ, you are secure in Grace.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Gifts of Grace

12 Now concerning spiritual gifts, brothers and sisters, I do not want you to be uninformed. 1 Corinthians 12:1 NRSV
 I sense the leading to conclude our study of the Holy Spirit by briefly examining His Grace Gifts of the Spirit. In doing so I hope to answer questions some may have. I also hope to bring clarity and good news that brings joy, freedom and refreshing in our walk with our good Father.

What Does It Really Matter?

 What is so important about studying the Holy Spirit? What is the big deal about studying speaking in tongues? Why take the time to look at the Gifts of the Spirit? The answer to these questions is really quite simple. God gave us His Spirit as the seal and guarantee of our salvation. His Spirit is within us, and it would behoove us to get to know Him. He thought it best to bestow upon the Church the Gifts and ministry of the Spirit, so we should understand how to operate in the Spirit. Finally, He declared in His Word that He doesn't want us ignorant or uninformed concerning the Gifts of the Spirit.

 Now some may say these Gifts of the Spirit are not for today. I am sorry but you can't substantiate this claim with Scripture. There exists no passage that proclaims this to be true. I have addressed this issue more deeply in a previous post. As sincere believers, we adhere to sola scriptura. That is the Word is the sole basis for doctrine and truth. 

  I stay with God's Word as the final authority. Not traditions, nor denominational creeds or spiritual movements. I stay with God's Word no matter if it cuts cross grain to the way I was raised. If the Word substantiates it I believe it. For instance, many "Charismatic" or Pentecostal Christians, (those proclaiming that signs and wonders and the Gifts of the Spirit are active and available for all Christians today), won't accept the truth of eternal security. I don't agree with Pentecostals on this issue because the Word is the final authority, it proves beyond doubt believers are eternally secure. They reject once saved always saved theology. I can't because I stay with God's Word.

The Gifts of the Spirit

 Let's briefly examine the gifts of the Spirit. In doing so we will also allay some myths about these gifts. Paul lays out these Gifts of Grace in 1 Corinthians 12. The Gifts of the Spirit can be divided into three categories. The revelation gifts, the power gifts, and the inspirational gifts. More simply, 3 that see or reveal something, 3 that do something, and 3 that say something.

The revelation gifts are the Word of Wisdom, the Word of knowledge and the Discerning of spirits. Let me say first what these gifts are not. It is not the gift of wisdom. Any believer can ask in faith and receive His wisdom. It is not the gift of knowledge or the gift of a special ability to study well.

 The Word of Wisdom is a revelation by the Spirit concerning a purpose or plan in God's will. With this gift, God reveals the future. The Word of Knowledge is a revelation of facts concerning people, places or things in the past or present. When praying for the sick many times this gift manifests. I recall being on a crowded bus in southern California. I saw a passenger and the Lord by the Word of Knowledge revealed he had Aids. A different passenger who was a Christian spoke to him and he revealed verbally he had Aids. She tried to pray with him and he didn't seem to desire prayer. How could I possibly have known this fact before he verbally confirmed it? This is the Word of Knowledge in action.

 The third gift is the Discerning of spirits. This is not the gift of suspicion, which is how this "gift" usually manifests. Judgmental and envious Christians will "discern" the "spirit" motivating another believer. They are quick to accuse and condemn and justify it with this gift. God is good and not the accuser. This simple gift is the Discerning of spirits. It is actually seeing into the spiritual realm. It is rare but sometimes believers may see an Angel. In 2 Kings, Elisha's servant was given the momentary ability to see the angels protecting them. Some have had visions and visitations of Jesus. That is this gift in operation. We should never ask or seek a vision or some experience. We have His indwelling Spirit and Word to comfort and guide us.

 The power gifts are the Gift of Faith, the Working of Miracles and the Gifts of Healing. It is better described as wonder-working faith. All believers have faith. We grow our faith by feeding on His Word. This special faith is a gift imparted as the Spirit wills. Supernatural provision or deliverance occurs with this gift. Jesus feeding the multitudes or Daniel being delivered from the lion's den is an example of this gift.

 The Working of Miracles is a gift whereby the natural course of events ceases for the glory of God. Jesus stilling a storm is a perfect example of this. Believers united have prayed against destructive hurricanes or tornadoes and they've dissipated or turned away. 

 The Gifts of Healing is not the gift of dispensing medicine or scientific medical breakthroughs. It is God's supernatural healing power manifested in the bodies of the afflicted. Truly any Christian can lay hands on the sick and see healing. This gift is more often evangelistic and on a mass scale. It demonstrates God's goodness and love to the masses.

 The inspirational gifts are the Gift of Prophecy, Divers kinds of Tongues and the Interpretation of tongues. Prophecy isn't the gift of preaching or teaching. It is merely an inspired utterance in a known language. Paul laid out the specific purpose of prophecy. It is to build up, to stir up and cheer up. It is not to proclaim doom and gloom. It is never a believer proclaiming disaster and destruction to sinful cities or nations. Jesus bore all the punishment for sins.

 Divers kinds of Tongues is an inspired utterance in an unknown language. It is God speaking to man. The Interpretation of Tongues is the ability to interpret what was uttered in another tongue.

 These Gifts of Grace were given to the Church to equip us to win the World for Christ. It was bestowed upon us to build us up and encourage us in our relationship with God. God in His goodness wanted a divine means to inspire and bring joy to the Church. 

 Who can operate or flow in these Gifts of Grace? Any Christian. If you're a Spirit-filled born again child of God you're qualified. He qualifies us. Don't we need to be sin free and perfect to operate in the miraculous? 

 Tradition teaches us that we need to be almost perfect before we can pray for someone. Many times we see someone in a store or a street corner that could really use our prayers. Yet, we allow intimidation and fear to rob us of the opportunity. We don't think our prayers will work. We know we haven't been living the best. Maybe we can get our Pastor to pray for them. 

 Reject that mindset. These Gifts are the Gifts of Grace. Jesus completes us. His Finished Work qualifies us. It's Him and Him alone doing the work, not ourselves. We are righteous and He always hears our prayers. 

 What about the stuff on Television? I'd have to visibly see a specific broadcast to know if something was fabricated or real. In honesty, just because something is spectacular doesn't nullify it. Also, just because something appears real doesn't mean it is. Trust the leading of the Spirit and look to the fruit of a ministry to validate it. 

 In summation, the Spirit of God is the Spirit of Grace. He has our best at heart. We can have a fruitful and joyous relationship with the third person of the Godhead. Our good God desires intimacy and relationship with each of His children. He qualifies us, He accepts us and rejoices over us. You're accepted into the beloved, enter into a deeper intimate relationship with your Father. He welcomes you and loves you deeply and eternally.
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Graceful Tongues: Praying Powerful Prayers in the Spirit

18 Pray in the Spirit at all times with all kinds of prayers, asking for everything you need. To do this you must always be ready and never give up. Always pray for all God’s people. Ephesians 6:18 NCV

  In the recent weeks, we've been engaged in a study of the precious Holy Spirit. We have seen the true meaning of spiritual hunger. We've seen the importance of His active ministry in our heart and lives. We've extensively studied the Baptism in the Spirit and the accompanying prayer language available to all believers activated by Grace through faith.

 I sense strongly to continue studying the Spirit and His Gifts of Grace to the Church, Christ's Body. Some of the tradition-minded have sought to "bring me down from the wall" to engage in debate or to justify the time and attention given to this subject. I simply rest in Him and His truth and follow His leading. He thought expedient and of much importance to bestow upon His Church these gifts and manifestations. Any complaints should be directed to Father God, His Son the head of the Church, and the Spirit of God who manifests these Gifts to encourage and inspire and energize the Church.

 Today, I sense the leading to reveal some more aspects of this Grace gift of praying in the Spirit. We can pray powerful prayers that change events and turn things around for good and the glory of God. First, though, we need to remove the common excesses associated with praying in the Spirit that unfortunately at times arise. 

 Well-meaning and sincere believers can fall into excess or even error when it comes to flowing with God's Spirit. The Spirit isn't leading anyone to error, it is simply human intellect and emotions that lead us astray in this area. Let's examine these excesses so we can ensure they aren't operating in our lives. 
1. Warring tongues or Warfare tongues. This is the mistaken idea that when we pray in the Spirit we are engaging in some kind of hand to hand combat with satan or some demon. The problem is the Scriptures don't support this erroneous practice. Paul declared that when we pray in tongues we are speaking to God. If we are speaking to God, we aren't speaking to demons or any other entity.
2. Shouting or screaming in tongues. This is similar to the warring tongues excess. God isn't hard of hearing. We aren't exercising more authority or power by the volume of our praying.
3. Exercising foolishness in the presence of the unlearned. This is unprofitable behavior. Being over emotional and interrupting service or others praying brings confusion. People running around a building randomly placing their hands on people and screaming in tongues isn't God moving, it is emotions on display. If people are unlearned in the Charismata or Gifts of the Spirit it is best to pray quietly to oneself if the need arises to pray in the Spirit.
4. Drawing unnecessary attention to oneself. This goes hand in hand with number 3. Being disruptive, seeking the "spotlight", looking to prove your superior spirituality isn't edifying. The attention should always be on Jesus not on us.

 Now that we have addressed the excesses let's examine the genuine. We've already seen the many benefits of praying in the Spirit. Now I want to share how Spirit-directed prayer allows us to flow with God and exercise His will in circumstances for His glory and for the best. We can cooperate with God in our prayer life.

 Paul declared in Romans 8 that we don't always know what to pray but the Spirit helps us. Intercessory prayer, that is interceding on behalf of others, is one of the primary roles of Spirit-directed prayer in the Spirit. I have heard countless testimonies of believers who's lives were spared or rescued because someone was suddenly urged by the Spirit to pray. We don't always know what we are praying for in the Spirit. Sometimes we are praying for favor, deliverance, provision or healing for God's people somewhere on this planet.

 I will share a wonderful testimony of God's love and goodness in this arena. Many, many years ago, I was serving in the military. I was out to sea and they were conducting flight operations. Often times some fellow believers and I would gather and spend what time we could in prayer and fellowship. This day a brother of mine in Christ and me were spending some time praying in other tongues. Straightaway an urgent sense to pray and intercede for healing overshadowed me. I relayed this to my friend and he sensed this in his spirit as well. 

 We began to quickly pray in tongues. We had no idea who we were praying for or who needed healing. We just followed God's leading. Suddenly, it came across the ship's intercom that a helicopter carrying three people had crashed and fallen into the ocean. A helicopter crash out at sea is no small matter. Thanks be to God, though, we had already prayed and interceded in the Spirit and they conducted an immediate recovery operation. All three people were discovered safe and unharmed. 

 This is why I stand so strongly for this beautiful Grace gift God has bestowed upon His church. Lives are spared and God's goodness can be clearly seen. I want to share another operation of prayer in the Spirit. I have already shared that there is no such thing as warring tongues or battling satan in tongues. Why is this?

 Well, the enemy has been totally defeated by the Finished Work of Christ. The only spiritual warfare we engage in is the enforcement of the enemy's defeat. God has given us the armor of God to accomplish this. 

 If you look at the armor of God, we only see one apparent offensive weapon. Why is this? Well because we aren't warring to defeat the enemy. Jesus sufficiently accomplished this in the Finished Work. 

 One thing I never noticed for years is the number of pieces of the armor. We have noted only 6 pieces of armor. The problem with this view is number one, it is not true in the actual context and secondly, 6 is the number of "man". This is why "spiritual warfare" seems so tiring and effort based. Tradition has us using our efforts and abilities in enforcing the enemy's defeat.

 In reality, there are actually 7 pieces of the armor of God. Seven is the number of God. It is His power and ability and authority we exercise in prayer and enforce the enemy's defeat. What is the 7th piece? 
18 praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints— Ephesians 6:18 NKJV
Yes, praying in the Spirit, praying in tongues is the 7th piece of the armor of God. When we enforce satan's defeat we are exercising our authority in Christ and receiving divine deliverance and protection and provision.

 I have another testimony of this. I am not going to share some spectacular miracle, just something so simple to reveal just how loving and concerned Jesus is with our everyday life. We receive His protection and provision in all areas of our life.

 Many years ago, I had some vacation time scheduled. One was in the early part of the month of August and another in the latter part of September. I was planning on visiting my folks back home. I had decided and made plans to travel in September. One day while praying in the Spirit the Lord revealed to me that I should travel in August and not September. 

 Now I could have easily argued and tried to debate the Lord. "But, God, I already made plans for September." I didn't do it, though. I trusted Him and His peace confirmed this. I took my vacation and was able to see my grandmother who was in her 80s. I had a good time. Before September came, my grandmother passed. Had I waited until September I wouldn't have been able to see my grandmother one last time. This is how good He is. He protected me from any regret or grief. 

 Prayers in the Spirit can really turn things around for our good. This is why we should embrace this Gift of Grace. We aren't struggling or striving in prayer. Instead, we are entering into the rest and receiving refreshing. In our upcoming posts, we will examine the nine Gifts of the Spirit Paul spoke of in 1 Corinthians 12. We will answer questions like is that stuff on TV false or real?
You don't want to miss them.
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Graceful Tongues: The Benefits of Praying in Other Tongues


46 For they heard them speak with tongues and magnify God. Acts 10:46a NKJV

 We've been in an extended study of the Precious Holy Spirit, the third Person of the triune Godhead. As we've previously stated, no study of the Holy Ghost is complete without examining the Gifts and ministry of the Spirit. 

 In our last post, we addressed the many objections to praying in tongues, some hold fast to in their hearts and minds. Only by receiving wisdom and revelation from God's Word will these strongholds be removed. Today, I sense the strong leading to share with you the benefits of praying in the Spirit.

 Some have said, "I see no benefit in praying in a language I can't understand." I take notice that all of those making this statement have never actually spoken in other tongues as the Spirit gave utterance. There is no difference in this logic, then those in years gone by saying they see no benefit in traveling by airplane or by motor vehicles. Usually, those making these statements had only traveled by ship or by horse and carriage. 

 If you've never spoken in tongues, of course, you're not going to understand it nor intellectually see a benefit in the practice. The Word of God is clear, you can't see or understand the things of God intellectually or by the natural mind. I trust you're not natural minded and will readily receive the truth that will bless and strengthen your relationship with our good Father.

Graceful benefits of praying in the Spirit

 1. Tongues serve as evidence of one having received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. 
Acts 2:4, Acts 10:44-46, Acts 19:1-6  all clearly reveal tongues as the evidence one has received this Baptism in the Spirit. Peter used this experience of the Baptism in the Spirit evidenced by speaking in other tongues as proof that God was granting salvation to the Gentiles as well as the Jews. 
2. Tongues act as a doorway to the supernatural, flowing in the gifts of the Spirit and operating in signs and wonders. 
 Mark 16 reveals Jesus' plan for the ministry of the Church to operate in signs and wonders. He includes speaking in tongues as one of these signs. Throughout the book of Acts, we see many miracles and mighty signs and wonders manifested by the Church. None of these began to happen until the believers had received the Baptism in the Spirit and spoken in other tongues as the Spirit gave utterance. 
3. Tongues serve as a reminder of the indwelling presence of God. It helps us be more God inside minded. 
 Jesus declared the Spirit will be upon us and shall be in us. Becoming God inside minded makes us more aware of His presence within. We won't be overcome by feelings of loss, abandonment or loneliness when we realize that He is always with us.
4. When we pray in tongues we are praying divine secrets or praying mysteries.
 Paul revealed this wonderful benefit in his Epistle to the Corinthians. This word translated mysteries in the Greek reveals some powerful truths. In the Greek, it means a hidden thing or secret thing not obvious to the understanding. It's hidden counsel or purpose. It's hidden counsels concealed to the ungodly and World but made plain to the righteous. We tap into these hidden counsels by praying in the Spirit. 
5. When we pray in the Spirit we are praying the wisdom of God. The wisdom of God is revealed to us when we pray in the Spirit. We receive wisdom, revelation, and guidance from the Holy Spirit. 
 Paul reveals this wonderful benefit in 1 Corinthians 2. Speaking words the Spirit gives is praying in the Spirit. When we spend time praying in the Spirit we are tapping into God's wisdom. We are able to receive insight, direction, and guidance from the Spirit when we pray in the Spirit. 
6. Praying in the Spirit enables us to bypass our natural mind and our own thoughts and agendas or ideas and pray God's plan.
 It is clear from Paul's Epistle when we pray in the Spirit our understanding is unfruitful. In other words, tongues eliminate the potential selfish or self-seeking motives in prayer.
7. When we pray in the Spirit we are praying God's best and perfect will. We don't always know what to pray or how to pray in a given situation but He does.
 Romans 8 reminds us we don't always know what to pray in some situations. Thank the Lord we can rely on His Spirit praying through us.
8. When we pray in the Spirit we are receiving spiritual refreshing.
 Isaiah prophesied of the refreshing that praying in the Spirit brings. Feeling "burned out"? Pray in the Spirit.
9. When we pray in the Spirit we enter into the rest.
 Again Isaiah prophesied of the rest and refreshing brought forth by praying in the Spirit. Feeling weary? Pray in the Spirit and enter into God's rest.
10.When we pray in the Spirit we are stimulating our faith or trust in God.
 Jude reveals by praying in the Spirit we stimulate our faith in God. This intimate prayer reminds us we can rest in His all the time goodness. We can put our full confidence and trust in Him.
11. When we pray in the Spirit we are recharging our whole spirit soul and body. 
 Paul teaches when we pray in tongues we edify ourselves. This word "edifies" in the original Greek means to build up, to repair, to restore. It also connotes the idea of promoting growth in wisdom, Grace, and blessedness. It is equivalent to recharging a battery. We are energized, recharged in our total being by praying in the Spirit.
12. Praying in the Spirit offers us a powerful way to offer praise and worship to the Lord.
 Paul's instruction reveals we can pray in the Spirit as well as sing in the Spirit. Praise and worship in the Spirit bring our devotion to a much higher level. Tradition mistakenly assigns the definition of singing in the Spirit as singing with just a little more energy, gusto, and vigor. The Scripture is clear singing in the Spirit is to sing in tongues. Paul references singing spiritual songs and hymns and making melody in our heart towards the Lord.
13. Praying in the Spirit enables us to give thanks well. 
 As Paul teaches about proper exercise of praying in tongues amongst the unlearned, he reveals a great truth. Prayer in the Spirit enables us to give thanks well. Our worship is taken to a higher dimension with tongues. 
14. Praying in the Spirit magnifies God. 
 The book of Acts reveals to us when we pray in tongues we magnify God. We know God doesn't actually become physically larger. It just means He becomes bigger to us. His love, His wisdom and guidance and Word become bigger within us than whatever we are facing. In our worship and devotion, we magnify Him. We're able to offer our good Father praise and worship and thanksgiving in the Spirit.
15. Tongues are God's plan and will for all believers. Mark's Gospel reveal the words of Jesus. This is His best and will for all His Church. Tongues? Blame Jesus! Paul's Epistle echoes the same sentiment. It's always been the Father's highest and best for His Church to operate in the power of God. When we receive this free gift we are fulfilling His plan and desire for the Church. This is not to say God is disappointed or looks down on those who have yet to receive. The Finished Work is what completes our identity, not any Spiritual gift.

 Here we have fifteen Scriptural benefits of praying in tongues. This Grace gift is made available to all who will simply respond. Praying in the Spirit will build you up, and stir you up and cheer you up. Freely receive this wonderful gift in Jesus name. 
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