Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Still another mistaken idea: You will reap what you sow

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life. Galatians 6:7-8 NKJV

In our last study, we examined our view of God. Asking the question if we have a positive expectation of mercy and goodness or a fearful expectation of God's anger and wrath and judgment. If we have a fearful expectation then we have to ask why that is?

 The negative traditions of man corrupt our view of God. Religion skews our image of our Good Father, into that of the harsh taskmaster. The despot on the throne poised to strike the moment, the exact instant we foul up or miss it. At the precise moment of sin, judgment falls and we suffer the due punishment for our actions. 

 Of course, this image conjured up by traditional religious-minded men is false. Does this even come close to describing Jesus? Of course not. These traditions of men rooted in our thinking are why we have a fearful expectation of judgment and wrath.

 We have already begun allaying these wrong thoughts in our previous study. Today, we need to see the last two religious concepts that bring fear and torment. The first is this idea of generational curses. 

 There is an entire study disproving this myth here. This mistaken idea uprooted brings us peace and a positive expectation of good. Recall, Jesus took the sour wine on the cross. He took the sour grapes if you will so there are no more generational curses.

 Finally, let's uproot this idea of reaping what we sow. You may be thinking, how is this a mistaken idea when it clearly states in the Word that we will reap what we sow? It is a mistaken idea because, as with many truths, man has distorted it and added to it and created a burdensome belief that brings bondage and not freedom.

 This passage must be seen and understood in its full context. What Paul is teaching is the support of ministry that has fed someone the Word of truth. The seed Paul refers to here is financial. 

Those who are taught the Word of God should help their teachers by paying them. Galatians 6:6 TLB

 Though the truth of giving money to support the work of God has been widely misused and abused and taken to extremes doesn't negate the foundational truth. The work of ministering the Gospel does require funding. In essence, that is all Paul is speaking of.

 That may be so, but why does Paul say he who sows to the flesh will reap corruption? That's not speaking of money or supporting ministry. Glad you asked, I also used to think this. The problem is we are taking the thought out of its context and setting.

 Paul was speaking of supporting ministry. He didn't stop and preach a whole new thought. He was saying if you don't support the ministry you are sowing your own works and performance and will reap corruption, the corrupting influence of man-made religion. 

 Think of it, if there are no ministers teaching the truth, then all you rely on is your own views, and that is how tradition is created. If we support the ministry we are sowing into the kingdom. We are reaping growth. To be clear, Paul isn't teaching if you give money you will get even more money. The harvest reaped is more lives transformed, and God's blessing on you to grant you the favor to be able to keep supporting God's work. 

 I said all that because what tradition has taught is that this passage is sharing with us what happens whenever we mess up or sin. That we will reap the negative consequences of our negative actions. In essence, do good get good, do bad and get bad.

 That mindset produces a fearful expectation of judgment and not a loving expectation of His mercy and goodness. We are under the New Covenant, not the Law. We who believed are now Righteous and redeemed. 

 The New Covenant doesn't teach a "Christian" form of karma. We aren't doing good simply so good things will come our way. We aren't avoiding wrongdoing just so we won't receive bad things coming our way. Because of Christ within us, we do good because we desire to be a blessing because Christ has loved us and blessed us already. We shun the bad simply because Christ is within us and leads us into all truth. We avoid the bad because He shows us its wrong. 

 This idea of reaping what we sow brings us to a place of expectancy of judgment and condemnation. This concept negates God's Love. It ignores His great mercy. It diminishes His Grace. In the Finished Work Christ reaped everything we've ever sowed negatively. He became a curse for us to redeem us from the curse.

 In summation, we who believe should have a positive expecation of goodness and mercy. Certainly, there are consequences in this life for choices. However, that is not reaping what you sow. That is not God punishing us for our sins, Jesus already paid for all our sins.

 Kicking over sacred cows, bringing religious thoughts captive to Christ, casting down the strongholds of man mad tradition in our thinking will cause us to have a positive expectation of mercy. Understanding God's blessings aren't a reward for good works, knowing we are forgiven of all our sins and isn't counting them against us, rejecting the concepts of generational curses, and the contrary view of Christian "karma" reaping what we sowed, will shatter the wrong images of God and bring with it the expectation of goodness from God not cursing or calamity. God is Good and loving and merciful.  

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