Thursday, August 6, 2020

Why Tongues? Some more benefits

        But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, Jude 20 NKJV

 We are continuing in our study, asking the question of why tongues? What is the purpose and point of speaking with/praying in other tongues? Why should we speak with tongues?

 We have detailed seven benefits so far as to answer the question, why pray in the Spirit? Praying in the Spirit brings a rest. Praying in the Spirit brings refreshing, for your whole man. Yet with all these benefits religious traditions of men still oppose and resist the bestowed blessing and benefit God gives His people.

 Again I say, tongues are not mere gibberish. Tongues are not emotional babble. Tongues are supernatural. Tongues are not natural. Tongues are not intellectually realized and understood. The natural, carnal mind, can't understand the supernatural power of God.

 Will you allow the Spirit to take charge? Will you give Him the reigns and allow Him to guide and direct your life? Will you freely receive all He has for you?

 Yielded to the loving Lord Most High, let's examine some more of the great and wonderful benefits of praying in the Spirit.

8. When we pray in the Spirit we are stimulating our faith or trust in God.
 Jude reveals by praying in the Spirit we stimulate our faith in God. This intimate prayer reminds us we can rest in His all the time goodness. We can put our full confidence and trust in Him.

 Faith is being fully persuaded that both what God has said in His Word and the work finished in Christ is truth and is ours right now. Praying in the Spirit stimulates this Faith in God. Praying in the Spirit helps bring clarity and understanding of what it means to be fully persuaded. Praying in tongues brings to our remembrance our total dependency on God. 

9. When we pray in the Spirit we are recharging our whole spirit soul and body. 
 Paul teaches when we pray in tongues we edify ourselves. This word "edifies" in the original Greek means to build up, to repair, to restore. It also connotes the idea of promoting growth in wisdom, Grace, and blessedness. It is equivalent to recharging a battery. We are energized, recharged in our total being by praying in the Spirit.

 We are recharging our whole man not just our spirit man. Yes, we receive a fully recharged spirit when we pray in the Spirit. We also though recharge our soul and our body. 

 We recharge our mind and will and emotions to be more Christ-centered when we pray in the Spirit. We break strongholds of wrong thinking as we pray in the Spirit. We build up our bodies as well. That is we receive health and wholeness as we pray in the Spirit for we are plugged in if you will, to the healer Himself. 

10. Praying in the Spirit enables us to give thanks well. 
 As Paul teaches about the proper exercise of praying in tongues amongst the unlearned, he reveals a great truth. Prayer in the Spirit enables us to give thanks well. Our worship is taken to a higher dimension with tongues. 

 Thanksgiving is a powerful tool for the believer. When we give thanks no matter the situation we are in we have supernatural peace. We can abandon fear and hopelessness and put our trust in Christ more fully. When we give thanks unto God we are putting Him into remembrance of all He's done for us. 

 Now don't get religiously ridiculously goofy. We don't give thanks for evil or tragedy. We don't give thanks for the trouble, for God didn't send the trouble, we just give thanks amid the trouble. We don't thank God for the illness. We give thanks because we know Jesus is the healer, and here's a chance for Jesus to show forth His healing power. 

11. Praying in the Spirit magnifies God. 
 The book of Acts reveals to us when we pray in tongues we magnify God. We know God doesn't actually become physically larger. It just means He becomes bigger to us. His love, His wisdom, and guidance and Word become bigger within us than whatever we are facing. In our worship and devotion, we magnify Him. We're able to offer our good Father praise and worship and thanksgiving in the Spirit.

 Praying in the Spirit enables us to focus on God more perfectly. We can turn off and tune out all the distractions of life as we pray in this supernatural language. So in essence God does become bigger in our eyes and thinking. 

 Again we see such marvelous benefits of praying in other tongues. This amazing gift that's been made available to all, to whosoever will may simply ask for it. Don't allow religious tradition to rob you of experiencing this marvelous gift.

 In summation, we see more and more benefits of praying in other tongues. We must never allow fear or the religious traditions of men to keep us from receiving all God has for us. Yes, it is not the natural way to pray, it's the supernatural way to pray. Certainly, the enemy and religion want to keep you from receiving all God has for you. Don't let the defeated devil nor deceived religious traditional minded folk keep you from partaking of all God has provided. 

Image by Gerhard Janson from Pixabay 

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