Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Why Tongues? More benefits

But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, Jude 20 NKJV

We are continuing our study answering the question of why tongues? We are answering the questions why speak with tongues? Why pray in a language your natural mind cannot understand? 

 The truth we must set in remembrance is that we don't discern or comprehend the things of God with mere intellectualism. How God becoming a man, dying on a tree, and raised to life again and our subsequent acceptance and trust in this truth, makes us redeemed, whole, and Righteous in the Creator's eyes doesn't make much sense naturally speaking. Yet it's the absolute truth nonetheless. 

 We are examining this wonderful blessing of prayer in the Spirit. That is prayer in other tongues. Contrary to religious tradition and the intellect of man, tongues are not mere babble. Tongues are not gibberish. Speaking with tongues isn't nonsensical speech. It isn't excited babble from an out of control,  over-emotional state of mind. 

 Speaking with tongues, prayer in the Spirit is a powerful gift God has bestowed upon the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. There are many great benefits derived from this powerful gift. We gain better insight into the working and purpose of God for our lives. It enables us to see His will and plans more clearly for our lives and the lives of others as we intercede for them. 

 Tongues are a blessing. Let's continue looking at these great benefits. Last week we shared the first three.

4. When we pray in the Spirit we are praying the wisdom of God. The wisdom of God is revealed to us when we pray in the Spirit. We receive wisdom, revelation, and guidance from the Holy Spirit. 
 Paul reveals this wonderful benefit in 1 Corinthians 2. Speaking words the Spirit gives is praying in the Spirit. When we spend time praying in the Spirit we are tapping into God's wisdom. We can receive insight, direction, and guidance from the Spirit when we pray in the Spirit. 

 Need wisdom on a particular matter? Spend some quality time praying in the Spirit and God's wisdom will be revealed much clearer. Need insight on a challenge you're facing? Pray in the Spirit and God will bring clarity where there seems to be none. 
5. When we pray in the Spirit we are praying God's best and perfect will. We don't always know what to pray or how to pray in a given situation but He does.
 Romans 8 reminds us we don't always know what to pray in some situations. Thank the Lord we can rely on His Spirit praying through us. We can trust when we pray in the Spirit we are following His guidance in prayer. 

 Sometimes when we are praying for a need we can be caught up in the pressure and stress of the situation. In these times we have the potential to pray selfishly or only focus upon ourselves and our own needs. Praying in the Spirit ensures we are praying the complete will of God into any situation. Prayer in other tongues is such an invaluable gift.

6. When we pray in the Spirit we are receiving spiritual refreshing.
 Isaiah prophesied of the refreshing that praying in the Spirit brings. Feeling "burned out"? Pray in the Spirit. The world system offers refreshing. Chemicals, pills, illicit affairs, all they offer bring with it much consequence and pain, and will never satisfy. Christ and His gifts bring true refreshing. 

7. When we pray in the Spirit we enter into the rest.
 Again Isaiah prophesied of the rest and refreshing brought forth by praying in the Spirit. Feeling weary? Pray in the Spirit and enter into God's rest. 

 Weariness and stress seem to burden us all down at different points in our life. Dealing with unruly children, supervisors, and bosses that don't always seem to have our best interest at heart, and life in a fallen world can bring much weariness. God offers us real and lasting rest with His Grace gift of praying in the Spirit. 

 In summation, once again we see the great benefit of praying in the Spirit. Don't allow the traditions of men to rob you of such a wonderful experience. There are still more benefits to this great gift of praying in the Spirit. 

Image by michel kwan from Pixabay 

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