Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Putting a Demand on God's Provision of Blessings and Abundance

10 The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows]. John 10:10 AMP

19 And my God will liberally supply (fill until full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19 AMP 

 We've been in an extended study concerning God's provisions. We are seeing more and more how to receive them in our lives. We see the need to put a demand on what belongs to us. Again this is not demanding of God as some unruly petulant child selfishly throwing a tantrum until they get their way. This is putting a demand on a supply that is already yours. God graciously provided it for us.

 Today, it seemed good to address another provision we have in Christ. The provision of the blessing of God. If you've followed this blog I have already addressed the excess and error of the prosperity gospel. That is the, give and you'll be rich and if it didn't work then you're a sinner and God can't provide until you measure up, idea of prosperity and provision.

 One truth I have been shown in my Christian life is the reality of how finite humans always take things into two extremes. One side I just addressed, declares prosperity and provision is about luxury planes and mansions and everyone a millionaire. That is excess. That's not what God promised.

 Then, on the other hand, you have the other extreme. This extreme is just as, if not more, wrong as the other is. It's the idea that God can't bless you today. That all His provision is merely spiritual. This is the "can't help you, Jesus." This is the Jesus who can forgive you, make you righteous, eternally secure your salvation, but can't help you in this life, only in the life to come. His arm is not strong enough to provide, to heal, or to help you financially today. 

 Both of these extremes are wrong and deny the character of our Father. So apart from excess let's examine this provision of blessing. Let's see what God has done for us in the Finished Work. What Christ has purchased and procured for us in His perfect redemption.

Look at God's heart from the beginning. He had provisions in the Garden of Eden. He didn't put Adam into a place of poverty to keep him humble. He lavishly blessed Adam. He didn't make Adam starve, struggle, or scrimp to get by. 

 In the Old, we see God's heart for His servants, the people of Israel. He said He took pleasure in the Prosperity of His servants. Did you get that? He actually takes pleasure in, it brings Him joy, it pleases Him to bless. God is not a tyrant wanting His people to struggle.

 This same principle, this same truth, is found in the New. John declared above all else God wants us to prosper and be in health. This passage in 3 John, can be used to excess as I have mentioned, but look at what He is actually saying here. 

 God desires above all things our well being. Besides you receiving Jesus and being filled with the Spirit God wants you walking in wholeness, spirit, soul, and body. Are we not complete in Christ? Inwardly, He has made us Righteous, forgiven, cleansed, accepted, approved and eternally secure. God's perfect will is we be complete outwardly just as we are inwardly. 

 Well, if it's God's will why am I always broke or can't seem to afford much? Why am I in lack? What about those starving kids throughout the World? Great question. Why are there so many who are walking around not Righteous? That is a bona fide free Gift that has been made available to whosoever would just receive it. Why have so many not? 

 I don't mean to make light of lack and insufficiency. I just don't want to put it all off on God. As if it's God's fault we are not a success in life. Let's truly define what success is. Having a healthy marriage. A loving family. A caring family. Being the best you can be where you are employed. Being a light in this world. 

 Not everyone is going to be wealthy rich. We can though have enough provision for our family and enough left over to be a blessing to God's kingdom. What we must remember is operating in God's wisdom is key here. We need to be wise in our financial dealings. 

 Education or skills training. Advancing in your job. Being a wise spender. These are things we need to hear more about. God and the natural are not opposed to each other. What does this look like?

 It's depositing God's Word on provision in your heart. It's feeding continually on His Word. Faith comes this way. It's taking the time to acknowledge God in every area of your life. It's paying attention to God's hand moving in your life. Take a second glance. God is moving even if it's the little things. 

 An unexpected discount. An item goes on sale you need. Finding money in the pocket of old clothes. Seeing a coupon for something you need. Gifts from loved ones that came at just the right time. It's even getting an extension on a bill. 

 That's one thing, some people get into trouble because they don't communicate with their creditors. Being wise in financial dealings is success. Living within your means is successful living. God's hand is in this because He can lead us and guide us with His wisdom. This is also part of the provision of blessing.

 As far as the supernatural, yes God does provide financial miracles and such. I recall years ago I had some financial needs, and I just deposited God's Word within my heart about blessing, prosperity, and wholeness. I kept reading and meditating on these passages. I can't explain it but God met that need supernaturally. 

 What am I saying? You can pray to God about money. You can ask Him to help. You can also take authority over the wicked one. He attacks sometimes with infirmities and sickness, so he also attacks financially. Take authority over the enemy. Tell that defeated devil to cease and desist, "devil, take your hands off my finances! I bind you from attacking my money! I loose all God's provisions for me!"

 That's not crazy. It may sound it, but it's not. We as believers need to enforce satan's defeat. We need to lay claim to what is ours. 

 Another thing that is crucial in this area is our attitudes and our words. Constantly grumbling, expressing frustration is counterproductive. If we are in frustration we aren't in Faith. Why? Because Faith is resting in what Jesus did. If we are in frustration this is a sure sign we were trying to make things happen by our effort and strength. It proves we were trusting in the arm of the flesh, not God.

 Resist fear. Fear says God won't help you or can't help you. This need is bigger than God. You must cast those thoughts down. Trust His great love for you. 

 Now, what about those in lands that are in a famine and lack? What about those in third world nations? Sadly, we are in a fallen, fractured world. Evil men can rule over people. As a result, insufficiency and famine abound. We can pray for them. We who are blessed can help, by bringing relief to those in these lands. Supporting missions that feed and medical missions that bring healing, is vital. We don't receive a blessing just to keep for ourselves. We want to channel His blessings to others. We are blessed in Christ, and therefore should be a blessing to others. 

 In summation, put a demand on what's yours in Christ. Don't allow bad attitudes, grumbling, complaining be your words. Instead, focus on the provision. Don't look at what you don't currently have but look at what you do have. Be thankful and rejoice. Put a demand on His supply. Receive His favor in the financial realm. Don't limit what He can do. Jesus said He came to give us abundant life, not lack and insufficient life. So by Grace through Faith receive all He has provided for! 
Image by Александр Мартинкевич from Pixabay 

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