Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Putting a Demand on God's Provision of Healing and Wholeness

19 But my God shall supply your every need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19 MEV
Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 John 2 KJV

 In our last post, we began looking at God's provision. We saw that we can make a demand on the supply God's already given us in the Finished Work. Seeing there is so much truth in this, I sensed the leading to continue examining this truth. 

 Today, I want to focus on the provision God has made for our healing and wholeness. Tradition minded Christians have fought this truth since even Jesus' time here on Earth. Pharisees and Sadduccees were angry when He healed on the Sabbath day. In other words, provision may be there but not for right now, not for today. 

 Their "descendants" today are saying the same thing. They are the couldn't-sees or the wouldn't-sees. They still echo the sentiment that healing isn't for you today. It's not for right now. They push healing off into the other side of this life. Death is how you get healed they teach. In Heaven, there is no sickness or disease. So dying provides you with the means believers can be healed. 

 Interesting that they acknowledge that healing and wholeness are found in Heaven. Didn't Jesus tell us when He was teaching prayer in the Old Covenant, that we should pray that His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven? Portions of that prayer are valid today. This being one of them. If healing and wholeness is the way it is in Heaven, shouldn't we pray that it be that way here on Earth too?

 Let me briefly remind you that there has been total provision made for your wholeness now, in this life, as well as the life to come. 
Surely our sicknesses he hath borne, And our pains -- he hath carried them, And we -- we have esteemed him plagued, Smitten of God, and afflicted. And he is pierced for our transgressions, Bruised for our iniquities, The chastisement of our peace [is] on him, And by his bruise there is healing to us. Isaiah 53:4-5 YLT
 This is the Prophet Isaiah looking forward to the Finished Work. Now look at how Peter the Apostle looks back at the redemptive work of Jesus;
24 He Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness. “By His wounds you were healed. 1 Peter 2:24 MEV

 I'd say Jesus has made clear provision in the Finished Work for our complete healing and wholeness. Sickness, disease, and infirmity is a byproduct of the fallen World. Sometimes it is the direct work of the enemy. No matter the reason, Jesus has purchased your healing. It's time to put a demand on what God has provided and freely receive all Jesus paid for.

 Let's look at some instances in the Word of God where someone put a demand on God's provision and where some chose not to. In Mark's Gospel, we see the account of the healing of Bartimaeus. What we see is that Bartimaeus, who was blind, heard Jesus was walking by. He heard the healer was here. He cried out for healing. He put a demand on Jesus' healing power. Traditional minded ones tried to silence him. He got louder, and Jesus the Healer stopped in His tracks. 

 Jesus was demonstrating who He really is. He will always stop for the one. He will always be there for the one crying out to Him. He saw someone drawing on His power and presence. He called him and Bartimaeus responded by throwing off that beggar's garment. Bartimaeus wouldn't be quiet and refused to be denied, he put a demand on all God had for him and he reached out and freely received his healing and wholeness. You can too.

 Now let's look at another account where they didn't put a demand on God's provision. in John 5 we see the account of the healing of the man at the pool of Bethesda. This account has troubled some and they create a theology that God sometimes heals and sometimes doesn't. Why? Because Jesus saw this multitude of sick and lame and only healed one. Why? The text is clear. These sick folk were not waiting for God, they were waiting for an angel to come to stir the water.

 They were not waiting on God. There is no record of them praying to God for healing. They were waiting for something other than God. When Jesus the healer was in their midst, why didn't they ask for Him to heal them? Jesus healed a man right in front of them. There is no record of these folk being Jews who were in Covenant with God at the time. There is no reference of them even asking Jesus for anything. Hence, that's what they got, nothing.

 Not putting a demand on the provision when the Healer is present results in people not receiving. It was not a case where God said no, this is not my will. Where He said, "God is in total control, this is God's work and will that you remain sick and afflicted." This isn't a situation where Jesus said: "This is for your good, submit to this sickness and affliction." 

 Jesus is the Healer. Jesus has purchased and procured our complete wholeness in the Finished Work. Don't remain idle or passive. Reach out with the Faith that takes and put a demand on all God's provision and freely receive what He provided. Jesus is the perfect image of the Father. Jesus went throughout the land bringing healing and wholeness and deliverance. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Jesus is the life-giver. Jesus is the miracle worker. Jesus is the blind man healer and the raiser of the dead. Nothing is impossible with Jesus. 

 In summation, there is a clear provision of healing and wholeness in the Finished Work. God wants us to put a demand on His provision and freely receive. Don't allow past experiences to deter you. Don't let the experience of others cause you to shrink back. Be bold and freely receive all God has for you. 
Image by Frank Becker from Pixabay


Ben Nelson said...

This is so good. Amen. Time to put some demands on our abundant provider.

John W Reed said...

Amen! God is our Good Father. Freely He gave we should therefore receive it all!