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Lies Religious Tradition Taught Us: Faith can't change things

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. 2 Timothy 3:5 KJV 

13 making the word of God of no effect through your tradition which you have handed down. And many such things you do.” Mark 7:13 NKJV

 We've been in an extended study examining the lies religious tradition has taught. For years and years, the traditional religious-minded have taught concepts and ideas that have been ingrained in our thinking. Concepts taught in such a way to dare question them seems almost blasphemous. Ideas spoke of for so long they've formed literal strongholds in the minds of many in the Body of Christ.

 So far we've addressed lies such as God is the author of sickness and disease. That God is the one causing, creating or allowing evil circumstances or situations to occur so as to bring some good out of it. We've looked at the lies attributed to God's power and the manifestation and giftings of the Spirit. 

 In our last study, we examined the lies surrounding the concepts of spiritual warfare. Today, it seemed good to address the lies about receiving from God, about standing in Faith for what He provided freely and what His will is for our lives. Before we begin let me share a statement made in an earlier study, this will help us gain more insight as to where we are headed.

  "For years and years now, the Church in the West has worked overtime to de-supernaturalize Christianity. They've worked tirelessly to teach Christians that Faith is powerless and ineffective to change events or circumstances. That the Spirit has ceased from leading His people through dreams, visions, the inward witness and the still small voice within our heart. That physical healing and wholeness are only found in a physician's hands and no such promise from God exists for healing and wholeness. That financial well being is only found in hard work and bank loans and never from the hand of God, through blessing."

 The de-supernaturalization of the Christian Faith has been an ongoing work of the enemy, using God's people who've been blinded in their minds to God's Goodness and great power. To some believers and ministers and seminary professors, Faith is merely a euphemism to our "religion". What faith are you? Buddhist, Hindi, Shinto, Christian...? That is not what Biblical Faith is at all.

 Now Faith is...
Now faith is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed) of the things [we] hope for, being the proof of things [we] do not see and the conviction of their reality [faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses]. Hebrews 11:1 AMPC

 Faith is the assurance, the title deed. Faith gives substance to hope. Yet traditional religion seeks to convey Faith as something as powerless and ineffective. It is impotent until the sovereignty of God, that is His mysterious, elusive, hidden will is somehow made known. Faith, they believe, cannot change or alter circumstances. 

 Received a negative report from your doctor? Got bad news concerning a loved one? Experiencing a tough time financially? Hey God is sovereign they say. You can't change anything. You can only trust that God, who is in control of every circumstance, has somehow allowed this event or created this event to better you or strengthen you or cause your character to develop. 

 Certainly, you can't put your trust in Christ, and with the God kind of Faith believe for healing and actually see it manifest. Surely you can't exercise Faith on behalf of a loved one and see them turn and get back on the right track. Obviously, you can't trust God in tough financial situations, and actually have Faith that financial supply will come in, that favor will work on your behalf and see needs actually met in your life. 

 This is where many in the Body of Christ reside. The idea that God can't actually change things. Their faith rests in the idea that God is allowing or creating the bad times to better them and therefore never resisting them and daring to believe God for a better situation. 

 This is what religious tradition says, but what does God say?
Now the just shall live by faith...Hebrews 10:38a

 The Word declares in 5 passages the Just shall live by Faith. Who are the just? The Just are those declared Righteous. When you received Jesus as Savior He made you Righteous, He declared you Righteous. Therefore, you and I are to live by Faith, and to live by Faith isn't hard or some struggle. Living by Faith simply means we live by taking God at His Word. 

 Living by Faith is simply living like we believe what God said about us. That we act like what He said is actually true. When He declared us Righteous, we agree with Him and act like it's true. Therefore when shame, guilt, and condemnation rear its head with its accusation we stand firm in who God said we are. When He said He didn't give us a Spirit of fear, we believe Him. We, therefore, don't receive fear. When lack, infirmity and sickness and disease appear, we act like the Finished Work is true. We look to the Cross and live.

 In closing this study, let's look at some people in the Word, who actually did what I am talking about. Look at Mark 5 with me. I want you to see what transpired here. This woman had long suffered a physical ailment. Take note of what she did not say.

 "I have this long occurring issue of blood. But God is sovereign, if it has come upon me, God must have allowed it. If God wants this removed it will happen in His timing. I just need to wait on Him. This infirmity is building my character."

 What did this woman say and do? She disregarded the Mosiac Law. She went out in public, got into a throng of people. She said continually if I may touch His garment I shall be made whole. Jesus took note when power left His body. He knew someone touched Him not just with a physical touch, but with the touch of the Faith that takes!

 She reached out and took her healing. This is walking by Faith. She didn't wait, she didn't reason that it must be the sovereign will of God that she was sick. She also didn't wait to see if it was God's will to heal her or not. She saw Jesus minister life and knew He was the express image of God, Jesus was God's will in demonstration.

 Look at blind Bartimaeus in Mark 10. He cried out for the mercy of healing. He didn't wait for some sovereign sign that God wanted his sight restored. He didn't reason that God made him blind, therefore it was for a purpose and he should be content to stay blind. No Bartimaeus shook off that beggar's coat and received by Faith his sight. 

 In summation, you can walk by Faith. You can live by Faith. Your Faith can, in fact, change things. Faith doesn't ignore facts and circumstances. Faith changes contrary facts and circumstances. Facts and circumstances that are contrary to the Finished Work of Christ. Faith doesn't stand idly by and timidly receive everything the enemy brings its way without resistance. Faith takes God at His Word and what He accomplished in the Finished Work and boldly receives all God procured for us. It's not Faith in our faith, but Faith in His Faith and Finished Work.

 We can walk and live by Faith. We don't have to be victims of circumstances. We don't have to be captives of the religious traditions of men. We don't have to accept all situations as the sovereign will of God. This is a fallen world. We can resist the enemy and he will flee from us, the Righteous. We are the victorious, overcoming, triumphant Body of Christ. Don't let religion, tradition or the enemy convince you otherwise. 
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